The 100-Year Movie

Movie director Robert Rodriguez recently announced one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever heard: A feature-length film that will be made in the near future but won’t be release for 100 years.

That’s right. The movie is called, aptly, “100 Years,” and it will star John Malkovich. They’re going to film it, lock it up, and release it on November 18, 2115. Mark your calendars.

The movie is funded by a high-end liquor company called Louis XIII Cognac. So it’s essentially a promotional stunt for 1000 “influential people” selected by the company. This all seems a bit elitist, but there’s the part I think is really cool:

Those 1,000 people will be long dead by the time the movie is released, so they will pass their special metal tickets from generation to generation. Imagine being a young film enthusiast in 2115 when your parents sit you down for your birthday dinner and tell you that 100 years ago, your grandparent was one of the lucky few to get a very special ticket to a movie no one has ever seen. I love the story that tells–in general, I love time capsules of any kind.

Of course, technology then will far surpass today’s standards, so hopefully they’ll still be able to watch the movie in some format.

What do you think? Have you ever left something for someone to discover in the distant future? I know of people who buy board games or books with the intention of opening them together when their child reaches a certain age. I love that kind of stuff.


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