The Upstairs Neighbor

Have you ever had an upstairs neighbor who makes the strangest sounds?

My walls are pretty thick, so I don’t here much. But recently in the evenings, something has been going on in the unit above mine that makes the entire condo shake. It’s not consistent, like rowdy sex–it’s more like THUNK THUNK THUNK long pause THUNK THUNK THUNK. What is that?

My best guess some sort of self-improvement, at-home exercise like Crossfit or P90x. But what if it’s something way more interesting?

As I started to think of what it could be, I remembered watching this amazing video about the art form of the upstairs neighbor. Be warned–while the video is work-friendly, it’s also laugh-out-loud hilarious. I absolutely lose it when the lady drops the chains on the wood floors. Here are some of my favorite lines, followed by the video:

  • “We want the sounds to be different…but completely unrecognizable.”
  • “Their ceiling is our stage, and we’re dancing across it!”
  • “We take shifts to create the illusion that nobody here sleeps.”

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever heard from an upstairs neighbor?