The Benefits of Showering at Work

You might think that this is another diatribe about working from home, but it’s not!

In a tongue-in-cheek video I discovered today, an advertising agency called NAIL Communications decided to install a shower in their conference room because, as they said, people do their best thinking in the shower.

I can relate to this. There’s something about mundane tasks like showering or even just walking that gives our minds the freedom to wander. Whenever I find myself on a stroll, I try to give my mind a problem to solve during that time.

So, shower in the office. The video below shows the results of the shower installation. Most of it is done for comedic effect, with my favorite part being that they decided the person who is currently talking must have the water sprayed directly in their face. Completely unnecessary, but hilarious.

Where do you do your best thinking? Is there anything that could be added to your work environment to make it a better space for brainstorming?

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