Biddy Is 9 Years Old

My boy, Biddy, is 9 years old today.

If you read this blog, you know how much I adore Biddy. He’s my first real pet, and I lucked out: He’s full of personality, he’s exceptionally clever, and he’s so curious about everything, even in his old age.

Here’s Biddy as a kitten:


He was tiny! Every night he’d climb up on the bed, stomp over my girlfriend on his way me, and settle into position on my chest, sometimes nibbling on my chin before falling asleep.

Here’s Biddy tonight, sleeping on my desk as I write this post.


Something most people don’t know about Biddy is that he’s played a huge role in the design process of most of my games. In fact, he recently helped me finalize the Viticulture Moor Visitors Expansion:


Occasionally we take naps in the afternoon–one of the perks of working from home:


When Biddy naps, he’s all in. He snores, he drools, he dreams, and he’s completely, 100% relaxed:


He doesn’t always get along with his pet, Walter, but sometimes the two of them make me think that they’re not all that different than their lion ancestors. There comes a time of day when the pride chills out together while they wait for the sun to pass.


Happy birthday, Biddy. You’re the best.

10 thoughts on “Biddy Is 9 Years Old”

  1. Happy Birthday Biddy! I hope he gets access to his favorite toys and extra helpings of catnip (maybe including some sprinkled over his food since he can’t really blow out a candle?) 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Biddy! May you have the best drool-y naps with the most wonderful cat dreams and bowls full of food and occasional catnip when you wake. ?

    Walter, please be nice to Biddy.

    Pictures of cats sleeping are the best!

  3. Happy birthday Biddy! Take a nap for me!

    I was curious if “cat years” were similar to “dog years” so I looked it up online and found a fun calculator. I guess it’s not a a straightforward multiplication of a certain number since cats apparently mature more quickly during their first few years.

    Biddy is 53 today! What’s really fun is that you can put in your human age and find out your cat age. So you’re about 4.5 cat years old. 🙂 Hope that puts a little spring in your step today!

  4. Thanks Jasmin. That reminds me–it’s time for Biddy to get some catnip!

    Katie: That’s awesome. 🙂 I looked up Biddy’s age for this post and saw the same thing, but I didn’t think to covert my age to cat years. Biddy is twice my age!


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