Have You Ever Been Unexpectedly Propositioned?

I had something happen to me this evening that I absolutely must share.

This week a podcaster named Chris reached out to me (board game publisher Jamey, not personal blog writer Jamey) to interview me for his podcast. I happily agreed, and we set the time for 8:00 tonight.

Around 6:3o, before eating dinner, I opened Skype and saw that I had received a contact request from Chris–at least, I thought it was Chris. I barely looked at the name, but my brain definitely saw it as “Chris.”

When I finished dinner, I came back to my computer to find that “Chris” had said hello. I greeted him with an enthusiastic “Hey!” Then this happened. Remember, I thought I was talking to a podcaster who would be interviewing me in a few minutes:


My brain processed this information in several stages within milliseconds, each one revising the previous conclusion:

  1. Well, that’s a very personal detail to share. This is going to be an interesting podcast.
  2. Wait, what?
  3. Who is Chic Hunniedaisy?

I laughed out loud when I realized it wasn’t the podcaster, just some random Skype sex worker (who I immediately unfriended). I then proceeded to get the real contact request from the actual podcaster. We did not talk about baths.

Has this ever happened to you?