More of What I Say in My Sleep

IMG_5069A few months ago, thanks to an amazing app called SleepTalk, I shared some short clips of odd things I say in my sleep. The last few months have been colder than the time of those previous recordings, which has added up to less talking and more snoring, but I finally accumulated 5 solid clips to share with you.

They’re all about 5 seconds long, and I’ll quote what I think I’m saying below (click on the links to listen).

Have you said anything interesting in your sleep recently?

3 thoughts on “More of What I Say in My Sleep”

  1. These will never not be hilarious. I know you can’t exactly make them happen, but I want more!

    I’m pretty sure that instead of “narcicle” I heard “It’s going in a little circle” which makes quite a bit more sense. Although narcicle is an amazing word.

    Also, your voice on the third one is so different that it’s kind of scaring me a little!

  2. Katie: I’m glad you enjoy them! I’ll keep posting them as long as I keep talking. 🙂

    “It’s going in a little circle” makes a lot more sense!

    Yeah, the third voice sounds like I’m out of breath or something. It’s still me, though. 🙂


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