Twins Day 2016

As is tradition on this blog, every year on this day I celebrate a special miracle. Since this is the 10th anniversary of this occasion, I will be celebrating by attempting to wear what I think my co-founder will be wearing for our weekly meeting this evening.

On March 1, 2006, something incredible happened.

My coworkers and I were enjoying lunch together in the meeting room of my first “real” job. Halfway through my sandwich, I looked over at my coworker, Tracy, and realized that she and I were wearing similar outfits.

“Hey, we match,” I told her.

Another coworker piped up. “Yeah, I was telling Alan earlier that we match too.”

Two other coworkers looked at each other and realized the same thing. Then two others.

Incredibly, four pairs of people had independently and accidentally dressed almost identically to one another. Really. This is not a joke. This was completely unplanned.

We knew that no one would believe the story, so we took a photo to commemorate the occasion.

At my next job, I continued the Twins Day traditional in several variations. Now it’s just me working at home with my cats, so I guess I have to dress like them? Because I know they’re not going to dress like me. I’ll do my best.

How will you celebrate Twins Day?


5 thoughts on “Twins Day 2016”

  1. Also interesting to note about this picture. The two guys in the front who are dressed in blue & black both have the last name of “Palmer”.

    I celebrate twins day by going to the old SPI building and clogging all of the toilets. Sometimes I microwave some broccoli. Sometimes I go to Rich’s house and TP his car like the good ole’ days. Occasionally, I flip through a medical journal and look for errors. I sigh as I scan and send them to random fax numbers in India. That’s a twins day…that’s a twin’s day.

  2. Trev: LOL, those are all the strongest of traditions, and I’m glad you uphold them. That’s twins day.

    Emma: I’m glad you’ve been a reader for long enough that you recognize Twin’s Day! 🙂

  3. Jasmin: We actually didn’t have anything to discuss this week, so we didn’t end up meeting. So it was just me and cats today. 🙂


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