Easter with the Family

I spent the last 5 days traveling to and from Virginia to be a part of an alumni showcase at my high school and spend quality time with my family, especially my adorable niece and nephew. I was on a very different sleep schedule when I was home (as I write this, it’s an hour earlier than I would normally go to bed, but it’s nearly 3 hours later than I went to bed in Virginia), so my brain isn’t operating in blog mode.

So I’m just going to post some photos from this weekend instead. 🙂 I’ll talk about the alumni showcase tomorrow.

Oh, I will note that I tested out my question about whether or not kids have love languages with Anna. I asked her a series of questions, each with two options like, “Would you rather go on a walk with Grandpa or have some ice cream?” It probably wasn’t the best way to test her love languages (some people in the comments of that entry offered some better ways), because if there was a food option, Anna always chose it.

Easter 2016
Anna was getting tired of waiting for Easter dinner to begin, so she just perched up there for a good 20 minutes, biding her time and encouraging me to let her taste test various foods.

Easter 2016a
I was reading this magazine to James when Anna–always wanting to be included–climbed aboard and took over.

Easter 2016c
Of course I had some Gelati Celesti ice cream while I was home. Anna was excited to get ice cream in her cone (usually she just gets the cone).


1 thought on “Easter with the Family”

  1. These pictures are awesome! First picture: I look that look too well. All that food sitting right there and can’t touch it. And I’m hungry! *sigh* I too tasted many dishes before dinner. I tasted as they cooked. Ask before tasting or you’ll be in trouble.
    Second picture: James is either amazed by his awesome uncle who spending time with him or in awe by his sister’s glorious nap hair.
    Third picture: Mmm… I see that you lick and spoon… ice cream.


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