Movie Contrivance #22: Slowly Walking Forward at Gunpoint

Pretend you’re in a gritty movie or television show.

You have a gun. It’s that kind of show. The kind where violence happens, but it’s in no way celebrated. It’s simply a part of life in the apocalyptic world in which you live.

Ten feet away stands one of your mortal enemies. If they had the gun, they would have already shot you. If they get your gun, you’re dead. This is your one and only chance to make the choice your survival depends on.

They take a step forward.

You yell at them to stop. They hold up their hands. They’re sure you two can work out your differences.

They take another step.

At this point, if you were aware that you were in a movie or television show, you would know that the audience is cringing. Not just because they’re worried about you, but because they’re watching a common movie trope unfold. They know that there’s absolutely no reason why your character wouldn’t have already pulled the trigger–you spent the last 20 minutes killing people left and right!

They take another step.

Now it’s just inevitable. The audience knows as well as you do that within another step, your enemy is going to take the gun and turn it on you. You had ten feet of separation, and now they’re within reach. You might as well hand them the gun.

It’s not your fault, though. Blame the writers. Because this is one movie/TV trope we never need to see again.

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