Premature Celebrations

2016-03-06_2132One of my favorite things about professional sports is watching people celebrate.

I’m not talking about taunting–there’s no place for that. I’m talking about an athlete bursting with joy after doing something that few people will ever get to do: Score an NFL touchdown, hit an MLB home run, score an EPL goal, etc.

Some organizations discourage celebrations, but I love them. Sports are entertainment, and fun celebrations contribute to entertainment value.

However, there’s one type of celebration that makes me shake my head: premature celebrations.

I was reminded of this the other day when ESPN ran a video of the “best” premature celebrations. These are when an athlete celebrates too soon, and it comes back to bite them.

Most of these celebrations happen at the end of the game when one team feels like they’re surely going to win. But all they have to do is literally wait 2 seconds and they can fully celebrate, but a lot can change in 2 seconds.

Have you ever prematurely celebrated?

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