How Did You Celebrate 4/20?

April 20th isn’t a date that ever occurs to me as something special, as I don’t smoke marijuana. But sometimes when other people are celebrating a special occasion, I like to join in the excitement. That’s what happened today. (And no, I didn’t do anything illegal that I’m aware of.)

I was out at lunch at a fantastic burger/Mediterranean restaurant called Layla. They have great turkey burgers, so I was planning on getting one of them.

But the waiter cheerfully informed us that to commemorate 4/20, they had two special deals: A half baked burger with bacon, peanut butter, jelly, and Funyuns, as well as an “Up in Smoke” burger (barbecue pork and pickles) at a $4.20 discount. For some reason the whole idea of ordering a special burger on a day that’s special to some people put me in a festive mood, so I ordered the Up in Smoke burger. Here’s what it looked like:


It was delicious. I love that hummus is a side dish at this restaurant. I only ate half the burger and none of the hummus, so that’s two more meals for later!

Because of the discount, I tipped well…but then I realized I was missing out on an opportunity, so I changed my tip to this:


Just some fun for 4/20. How did you celebrate?

(Also, to be clear, I’m not endorsing an illegal activity [though, at the same time, I don’t judge people who do this particular activity]. My “celebration” of 4/20 had absolutely no connection to marijuana.)

5 thoughts on “How Did You Celebrate 4/20?”

  1. When I read the title of your post, I cringed. Celebrate April 20th? Hitler’s birthday? It’s something some Nazi groups do here in Germany. For the general public it is a distasteful practice and each year discussions about banning Nazi demonstrations arise and anti-demonstrations are being held.

    I realize your post is about something totally different and I do not comment to spoil your positive experience. On the contrary: It is nice to see how very different we see certain things depending on circumstances and that a date can mean very different things to different people. You made my perception of the date a better one, so thank you.

    • Falko: Thank you for telling me about that! I had no idea! (I didn’t know when Hitler’s birthday is, and I definitely would not celebrate it.) I’m glad you told me.

  2. I didn’t know that either. Wow. That definitely changes ones thoughts about the date.

    Anyway, Jamey, I’m disappointed that you took the safe choice. Pork and pickles is something that is either common or not too dissimilar from other popular BBQ styles (like the freaks who think it’s a good idea to put cole slaw on anything, let alone BBQ). You had an opportunity to have a burger with peanut butter, jelly and Funyons, and you were clearly tickled by the notion of special offerings for the day. As someone who has blogged about eating bug tacos, ordering off the menu, and the place (Kitchen Sink I want to say?) where…now I can’t remember what was special about it, but I am fairly certain it had to do with uncertainty; this was an opportunity to try something explicitly strange, possibly be pleasantly surprised ( I don’t think they would offer it without trying it first and at least declaring it edible) and write about that. Saying you had that choice and ordered a McRib makes me sad. 🙂

    • Joe: A fair point. Though as you can see in the photo, there’s a lot more on the burger I got than just the meat and pickles. But you’re right–it wasn’t as zany as the half-baked burger.

  3. Layla is great! Interesting that they had a special menu for yesterday. Next time you go to Layla you should pay with OPER. Earn yourself some rewards, save the restaurant on some credit card fees, and help a local startup. ?


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