How Much Are Your Friendships Worth?

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Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Tonight I was at a bar watching the NFL draft with a few friends (not something we normally do, but I’m glad we did). The subject came up of college football players leaving school for the NFL draft instead of getting their college degree.

We put forth the following hypothetical: What if each of us were star football players in our junior year, and we had a high chance of being selected in the first round of the NFL draft? Doing so is generally worth at least $20 million over 4 years.

One friend said he would complete his education first, noting that he valued having a degree. I said that you only get to go to college once (at least as a 20-something), so I’d want to cherish those days and finish. The last friend said that while he values education and friendships, he wouldn’t pass up the $20 million.

So I followed up with another hypothetical to that friend as we sat there at the bar. What if a stranger from another table came over and said to him, “Hey, we’d like you to join us for the next round of drinks. We’ll pay you $50 to leave your friends and hang out at our table.” What would he do?

My friend pondered this scenario for a minute and said, “Make it $250 and I’m in!”

We got a good laugh out of this, so I thought I’d pose the same outlandish question to you. How much would a complete stranger have to pay you at a bar or restaurant for you to desert your friends for the evening and hang out at their table? For the sake of the question, assume that the stranger has no ulterior motive, and they look like they’d be fun to hang out with.

If I was with at least 2 friends (so they’d still have each other to hang out with), I’d probably do it for $50. The money is irrelevant; I’d do it for the story, just because it’s such an odd proposition.

What about you?