If Money Were Not a Factor, Where Would Your Next Vacation Be?

cinqueterreOver the weekend I had a nice long chat with a friend about vacations. A long time ago, she identified a personal need/desire to take one vacation each year. She’s traveled around the world and experienced lots of different places, but for these vacations, she specifically likes to go to someplace exotic and relax for a week.

I made a personal goal a long time ago to do something similar: Once a year, I wanted to go somewhere I had never been. When I travel, I like to go to one specific place and get to know it at a leisurely pace. I also like to eat a lot of local cuisine.

However, over the last few years (it is no coincidence that timeframe coincides with me running my company as a full-time job), my vacations haven’t exactly been exotic. Nor have they really even been relaxing. I went to the beach for a week-long family reunion two summers ago, and I visited Virginia for a week at Christmas for both of the last two years.

In fact, looking back at my blog, the last real vacation I took was to Ireland in 2011. I could be forgetting something, but that’s the last record of a vacation I have on file.

Anyway, all of this has me thinking about vacations and the possibility of taking another real one sometime before I’m 40.

So if money weren’t a factor, where would you go on a week-long vacation? It doesn’t have to be a journey to another country. You could rent a cabin in the woods for a week by yourself or with a dozen of your favorite people. You could go on a whirlwind tour of an entire region, or you can relax and be pampered at a resort.

The trickiest thing I’ve found is that I want to come back from a vacation feeling more relaxed than before the vacation, but I come back to thousands of e-mails, so the very act of vacationing results in a less relaxing return.

Where would you go?