A New Addition to the Family

13100916_10101174575677724_5801177421487513683_nI write about a lot of things on this blog. Sometimes I just want to celebrate something that means a lot to me, and today is one of those times.

My brother, Andrew, got engaged last week to his girlfriend, Margaret. They’ve been dating for a little over a year, and while traveling in Japan, Andrew popped the question.

I’m so, so happy for them. My brother is absolutely awesome, and it’s fantastic that he found the right woman for him.

I’ve heard great things about Margaret from my parents, niece, sister, and Andrew himself, but I actually haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her. So I’m really excited that they’re coming to St. Louis together tomorrow to attend Geekway to the West.

If I’m not a fan, of course the engagement will be called off immediately. As the eldest sibling, that is my right and privilege.

I’m kidding, and I’m sure she’s amazing.

Do you remember the first time you met your sibling’s future spouse? Could you tell right away they were great for each other?

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