Has Your Internal Facial Recognition Software Ever Stopped Working?

I’ve mentioned a few times that I attended a local game convention two weekends ago. This is my fourth year attending Geekway to the West, and my connections within the game industry have grown–particularly people I’ve met face-to-face–thanks to Geekway, Gen Con, and the Stonemaier Games Design Day.

This year I had something odd happen throughout the convention: I had a really hard time differentiating between people I’ve seen before and people I’ve actually talked to in the past. It was as if my brain could process the information that I knew the face, but it couldn’t take it a step further.

At least, not without a delay. Because without fail, when I got home each night, my brain would catch up. Suddenly I full comprehension of exactly where I had talked to those people in the past.

I don’t know if this has any scientific merit, but my perception is that my brain was on overload while walking about a crowded convention, processing dozens of faces in all directions at all times. It couldn’t handle that amount of information, so it just did the bare minimum until it was removed from that environment.

Does that make sense? Has this ever happened to you?