The Weirdest Thing I’ve Said While Sleeping

7165_0I’m coming up on about 8 months of using the amazing SleepTalk app. Most nights I don’t say anything–I either snore for a solid hour, or there’s complete silence (and cats. Always cats).

But sometimes…sometimes I say the weirdest things in my sleep.

Over the last few months, I’ve accumulated some clips to share with you. These are 100% real.

The first 3 are warm-ups for the last one, is really quite weird. You can click on the link for each one to listen to the audio file.

Make sure to listen to “Looks good!”, because this is what my voice sounds like when I talk. Got it? Okay, now listen to the last one”

What. Was. That?!

So many things. First, as I prefaced, my voice does not sound like that. It’s almost as if I’m having a dream where I’m a scientist, and in the dream I adopt a stereotypical dorky scientist voice. That’s super weird.

Second, did I just figure out time travel in my dream? Am I time travel consultant? There are travel agents–why not time travel agents?

Third, why do I sound so stressed? I guess time travel is serious business, so it would be a stressful job for a time travel consultant. But man, dream Jamey, it’s okay to relax. You’re sleeping.

If you have any theories about what’s going on there, I’d love to hear them.

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