Top 10 Games I Want to Play for the First Time at Geekway

pic2587137In a few days I’ll have the pleasure of attending my favorite game convention, Geekway to the West, here in St. Louis. It’s basically 4 days of playing tons of different board games with friends and strangers.

My brother and his fiance are coming into town for the convention, so I look forward to hanging out with them. I’m also going to spend some time helping people with the play-and-win copy of Scythe I donated.

But most of all, I want to play new-to-me games with new people. It’s good for me as a designer to play a wide variety of games, and it’s good for my company for me to have table time with fellow gamers. So that’s my focus.

I’ve been keeping a list for a long time of games I want to try out for the first time at Geekway. If you’re attending the convention and want to play one of these games with me, just hunt me down in a few days so we can play it.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 games I want to play for the first time at Geekway:

  • Isle of Sky
  • Steam Time
  • Egizia
  • A Castle for All Seasons
  • Fuse
  • Black Fleet
  • Lost Legends
  • Broom Service
  • Above and Below
  • Medieval Academy

Honorable Mentions: HOPE, Legends of Andor, Rex, Clash of Cultures, Shakespeare, Merchants and Marauders, War of the Ring, Nexus Ops, Glen Moore

In your opinion, are there any of these games I should prioritize over others?