Who Is the Most Famous Alum from Your High School?

85-atxl1I belong to a Facebook group for alumni from my high school, and every now and then I get updates about my classmates and alumni from other years. A few years ago, I learned through this group that one alum (a few years older than me) had become somewhat famous.

Sara Schaeffer is a comedian who had a show on MTV called Nikki & Sara Live. She’s been a guest on other shows like @midnight, and she even has a Wikipedia page!

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool, especially since my high school has only been around for 20 years. So when I got an alumni update a few days ago about a singer/songwriter, Lucy Dacus, who graduated from my high school a few years ago, my curiosity was piqued. Could this be another famous person?

I bought Lucy’s album, No Burden, from iTunes. I’ll be honest: I had low expectations. I shouldn’t have, but I did.

Those expectations were blown out of the water. Lucy’s music is incredible. The lyrics and composition are superb, and her voice is so, so good. She reminds me a lot of the lead singer of Heartless Bastards.

Lucy isn’t as famous as Sara Schaeffer yet, but I really think she’s going to be a big deal. A huge deal.

If you like folksy alternative, check out these Lucy Dacus songs:

Who’s the most famous alum from your high school?

12 thoughts on “Who Is the Most Famous Alum from Your High School?”

  1. Mostly sports related from my school in Australia.

    Swimming – Ian Thorpe (our best gold medal achiever and world record holder)

    Cricket – Waugh brothers.

    If you’re an Aussie, you absolutely know who these guys are.

    • That’s really cool! I haven’t heard of the Waugh brothers, but Ian Thorpe is very famous worldwide. I bet most people know who the Thorpedo is.

  2. I went to school with Denny Hamlin and Sean Marshall (Pitched in the MLB). Do you remember playing soccer with Brandon Hedrick? His sister, Christina went to Manchester and is a Rockette.

    Just listened to Lucy’s music. Excellent!!

    • Wow, that’s really cool about Christina! (and especially Denny Hamlin–you know someone is famous when you don’t follow a sport and you’re still well aware of them!)

  3. A few minor professional Athletes:
    -Peter Konz played Center for the Atlanta Falcons for a few years,
    -Kris Kelderman played professional Soccer at DC United, and now coaches a team in Milwaukee.
    -John and Tami Whitlinger were both professional Tennis players.

    George Bergstrom, the architect who designed the Pentagon, is in my High school hall of fame, but his Wikipedia article says he went to a private academy out East.

    From my class, Jon Fleming is an actor known for his roles in blockbusters such as Frathouse Massacre, Couples’ Retreat, and recurring roles in a number of TV shows I’ve never heard of.

  4. I don’t think anyone from my class is famous, but the wikipedia entry on my high school mentions some famous people from way before my high school years. Here’s the list (I think the only person on there that I actually knew about before seeing the list was Sandra Magnus since there was a plaque with her picture and an old flight suit in the hallway at my school):

    Jenny Bindon, professional soccer player, goalkeeper for New Zealand during the 2012 Olympics
    Brian Daubach, former MLB player (Florida Marlins, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, New York Mets
    Jay Farrar, musician, member of Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt
    Jeff Tweedy, musician, member of Uncle Tupelo and Wilco
    Jay Haas, professional golfer, NCAA golf champion at Wake Forest University
    Sandra Magnus, *NASA astronaut
    Bob Goalby, professional golfer, winner of the 1968 Masters Tournament
    Seth Rudolph, professional soccer player with Sandvikens IF
    Lea DeLaria, actor, comedian, jazz musician and singer

  5. It took me a while to think of an answer, since my high school maybe had 500 students total… I finally thought of Taffy, who graduated a year before me. I took physics, AP chemistry, and AP Spanish with her however. She published her first book, Stoodie, before graduating under the pseudonym Taffeta Chime. Before graduating from college, she published another about an underwater city. She may have already published another, being 4 years since the last!

  6. Yul Kwon, who won Survivor: Cook Islands, went to my high school. He was two years ahead of me and we never spoke but that’s who I’m claiming as our most famous alumnus.


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