Have You Ever Bought Something in Your Sleep?

The oddest thing happened a few days ago. A small package from Amazon appeared on my doorstep containing this:


Vitamin C and cough drops aren’t all that peculiar of a purchase, except…I didn’t buy them.

At least, I don’t remember buying them. My Amazon account shows that I did indeed buy them, and an Amazon rep confirmed that I did. I thought maybe my account was hacked, which is possible, but who hacks my account only to send me Vitamin C?

The only thing I can think of is that lately I’ve rather enjoyed Amazon’s option for Prime subscribers to opt out of free 2-day shipping in exchange for $5.99 in credit for Prime Pantry. I’ve liked it so much that I wonder if my subconscious guided me to make a purchase in my sleep.

Or I could have just made the purchase and totally forgot. But the purchase doesn’t even make sense. I rarely use Vitamin C pills, and I have half a bottle of them for those rare occasions when I do. And I haven’t eaten a cough drop in years.

So, super odd. Have you ever purchased something and then had absolutely no recollection of it later?

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