What’s Your Favorite Japanese Candy?

IMG_5382I’m wagering today’s entry on the assumption you’ve eaten Japanese candy.

Maybe you ate a Pocky Stick during a cultural day. Maybe you sampled a Hi-Chew at a Japanese festival. Or maybe you tried a green tea Kit Kat at some point.

Well, unless you’ve had a Kinoko no Yama, you haven’t truly lived.

A “kinoko,” as you know from playing Super Mario Bros, is a mushroom (“yama” means mountain). The candy contains no actual mushroom; rather, it’s a crisp cookie with solid milk chocolate as the toadstool. They have the perfect chocolate to cookie ratio.

I ate a lot of Kinoko no Yama during my year abroad in Kyoto. I’ve found them on occasion in the US or on Amazon (heck, I may have even written about them on this blog. I’m 9 years in, so I sometimes have unintentional repeats).

Though the reason I’m reminded of them today is that a friend surprised me with a box yesterday. Chocolate is one of the few surprises I enjoy, so this was an absolutely delightful surprise.

What’s your favorite Japanese candy?


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Japanese Candy?”

  1. I always have a little box of pocky sticks in my desk, they keep the creativity flowing, or that is what I like to think.

    Looks like those kinoko no yamas are very similar to pocky but with a better chocolate/cookie ratio as you said. I have to find them!

  2. Aha! I was in an international grocer not long ago bartering for a goat when I spied a box of pocky sticks. I recalled that you ate those, and I actually wondered where they ranked on your list of Japanese candy. Now I know that Kinoko no Yama ranks at the top! I enjoy any of the chocolate varieties, and I also recall that I’m not a particularly huge fan of seaweed candy.

    Also, this may not be Japanese, but Ricky Bobby’s prune candy commercial comes to mind when thinking of Asian candy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXry-cXybG0

    • Trev: I hope you got at least 1 box of Pocky for that goat!

      LOL prune candy…the least exciting candy. 🙂

    • OH, MY GOD! Those prune candies! I always have one or two after drinking a small bowl of very bitter Chinese herbal medicine when I was sick. So glad there’s no more of that after moving here.

  3. These were awesome, along with Pocky sticks when I was a kid.
    I have a weird way to eat Pocky sticks. Eat off the chocolate first as I bite off that cookie part to get to the next part of chocolate. Always a little sad when I get to the no chocolate part of the stick.

    Kinoko no Yama is really good. Hard to beat. I do like this milk candy from Japan. https://www.japanesehomestore.com/v/vspfiles/photos/Hokkaido%20Milk%20Candy-2T.jpg


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