What’s Your Least Flattering Selfie?

9 years ago today, I wrote my first blog entry. To commemorate this occasion, I offer to you my least flattering selfie. Before I show it, let me tell you why I took it.

Last week, I went to the dentist for my 6-month checkup. Everything looked good, but the dentist said that everyone should wear a night guard, so he had the hygienist fit me for one.

The hygienist filled a device with self-hardening goo and stuck it in my mouth. Top row first, then bottom row. The goo creates a mold of my teeth that will be used to create the mouth guard.

While the bottom row was setting, I thought, man, I must look ridiculous right now. I’ll take a look. So I took a selfie.

My favorite thing about this selfie is how I look dead in the eyes for no reason at all. Sure, I’m in mild discomfort, but it’s really not that bad. I could have at least tried to smile with my eyes.

But no. Dead eyes all the way. So this is what the selfie revealed:


Afterwards, the hygienist–who you can see in motion in the background–told me that I’m far from the first person to take a selfie in the dentist chair. Have you done that? What’s your least flattering selfie?

1 thought on “What’s Your Least Flattering Selfie?”

  1. When I visited the dentist this past December, I also took a selfie in the chair…but I only had the cleaning bib thing on and didn’t look like I was in pain like your selfie. If I knew how to upload it to a comment her, I’d share it.


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