Who Buys These?

IMG_5354I want to clarify up front that my question isn’t, “Why would anyone buy these?” Rather, I’m genuinely wondering who buys these.

The “these” in question are these treats I see whenever I go to the grocery store (see photo). I don’t even really know what to call them–they’re generic treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, trail mix–so much trail mix–gummy treats, apricots, etc–but they’re not store brand.

Whenever I pass by this aisle, I have the following three thoughts in order:

  1. Oo, these look good.
  2. Wait, they cost how much? I’ll just buy a branded version of the same thing elsewhere in the same store.
  3. Who buys these?

Someone must be buying these treats if the store continues to stock them. This is a big grocery store–I’m sure they know exactly what sells and what doesn’t sell. They wouldn’t continue to stock these generic treats unless they’re being sold.

But all of these treats are sold elsewhere in the same store for a lower price. Like, take the chocolate-covered pretzels. There are several different brands of chocolate-covered pretzels you can buy instead of these expensive versions.

I must be missing something here. Maybe I’m doing the cost-comparison incorrectly. Maybe there’s a huge market for these treats.

Are you buying these? Is it you? Should I buy them too?

12 thoughts on “Who Buys These?”

  1. Who buys these?
    I’d never thought about it until now, but I’m pretty sure this is the answer:
    The busy person responsible for bringing treats to work meeting, school party, church event, or other social function. Person doesn’t want to take the time to prep or plate their treat, but they also don’t want to be the loser who shows up with Store Brand Plastic Bag Candy, bites a corner off the bag to tear it open, then drops it on the table with a thud.
    For the extra 2 bucks, these overpriced candies in a clear plastic box instantly give the legitimacy of “I tried.”

    • That’s a sound explanation. There is something more presentable about these containers than thin plastic bags.

      • I can’t think of a good idea of who buys them. I like Sarah’s ideas. Mostly I’m commenting because I enjoyed the seemingly misplaced “foot care” sign. I imagine there’s a backside to the aisle, but the camera angle makes it appear otherwise. 🙂

  2. Although not from America we have those here too and I’m buying them on occasion. But they are not coming from a factory here, usually there is a small shop nearby that sells them over the counter per bag. Also I tend to like them more because they have more flavour and less salt and sugar added.

    • Thanks Wouter! That’s one person. 🙂 Actually, two–someone on Twitter said they like the gummy candies.

  3. I’d say try them at some point and take the Pepsi Challenge. Maybe the brand you’re buying is an inferior quality, maybe it’s the other way around. There’s really only one way to know. Worst case scenario, you have something you don’t go back for, best case scenario, you’ve discovered a new favorite thing.

  4. I buy these on occasion, but only if I know that they are premium versions and stack up well against their brand name counterparts. Usually, I go to one specific local fresh produce chain (Tacoma Boys in my case) when I am looking for ‘premium’ snacks (usually those rare times where I have to work overnight and need the extra calories to keep my brain going), as they source locally, and these types of treats contain fewer to no preservatives, lower salt etc.

    • Thanks Travis! I’ll check out the labels for nutrition facts and local sourcing next time I’m at the grocery store.

  5. I feel like this is something that grandmas buy and set out in little bowls when you come to visit. Why do they get these and not the other kinds? Because they’ve been buying these for years, long before any other brands were readily available, and they’re not going to stop now! Or maybe they’re afraid if they switch we won’t like the new kinds and we’ll stop coming to visit!

    • Katie: Perhaps that’s it! Grandmothers probably don’t mind if the treats aren’t all that fresh–their taste buds are worn out. 🙂


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