If You Could Pay to Teleport Home, How Often Would You Do It?

startrekbeyondposterI saw Star Trek Beyond on Friday. One of my favorite aspects of Star Trek is the teleportation technology. It’s similar to one of the core technologies in the Hyperion series of books.

As my friends and I waited for the movie to start, I posed a question to them: “If you could teleport home and back for $100, would you do it?”

By “home,” I mean your parents’ house. The reason I’m adding that twist is if you’re anything like me, your family means a lot to you, but they can also get on your nerves in large doses.

I’m in St. Louis, and my parents and sister (along with brother-in-law, niece, and nephew) are all in Virginia. I was thinking how great it would be to simply teleport home on a whim for dinner every now and then.

Of course, teleportation wouldn’t be free. The sheer computing power and energy required for teleportation would be immense. $100 is a steal, but it’s still a hefty amount to pay for a family dinner. I probably wouldn’t be able to do that on a whim very often.

What about you? How often would you pay to use this technology, and how long would your visit last?