Which Speeding Signage Scares You the Most?

speed_limitThis evening I was driving back from hanging out with a few friends. I was on the highway, and I saw a sign that said, “Work Zone: 50 mph.”

I was going 60 at the time, and I slowed down a little bit. It was 10:00 pm at night, and there were no construction crews on the road.

Then I saw a digital sign that said, “573 tickets issued,” and I immediately slowed down.

There’s something about that sign that had a more powerful impact on me than a generic speed limit sign. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, and I think my brain registered that number–573–as a number I didn’t want to add to. I didn’t want to be #574.

So it got me thinking: What is the most effective type of signage to actually get people to slow down? The poll below lists the top 5 deterrents, and you can only choose 1.