Do You Eat Food Out of Containers Made of Food?

I ate dinner tonight at an authentic Mexican restaurant in St. Louis called La Vallesana. The weather was beautiful, so my friends and I sat on the patio, and all around us we saw people drinking these lush, colorful drinks.

I ordered one, of course, and I was soon faced with the imposing challenge of drinking a passionfruit margarita that looked much smaller from a distance:


One of my friends commented that she had previously seen people drinking out of hollowed-out pineapples at this restaurant, and it got me thinking: How many foods are there that you eat out of containers made of food? Not nearly enough, in my mind.

The only ones I could think of (not counting things like eating ice cream out of an ice cream cone) are pineapple drinks, coconut drinks, and soup bread bowls. There must be more, right?

Also, if the food container itself is edible (like the bread bowl), are you supposed to eat it after you eat the soup? What happened to all the bread innards that started inside of the bread bowl?

These are the things I think about.