How Do You Walk Away?

dsc06407-910x606I got some great advice the other day from a colleague. He had read one of my Stonemaier Games blog posts about the stresses of fulfillment, and he chimed in with his two cents:

“I NEED to walk away for a while. Maybe it’s an hour, maybe it’s a day or maybe it’s a week, but I have to stop what I’m doing and leave it behind.”

I have a really hard time walking away, even for a few minutes. Heck, I have a hard time even knowing when to walk away.

Yet this advice completely resonates with me. Or maybe it just comes at a good time, a time where I look back at the last month and realize that I should have taken more opportunities to walk away. My company, my relationship with my customers, and my emotional health would be have been the better for it.

So I turn to you, sage interneters (particularly my fellow entrepreneurs), to tell me how you walk away and how you know when to walk away. How do you realize that’s what you need, and how do you address that need?