Olympic Athletes and Condoms

I’m always amused by reports every 2 years about the number of condoms available to Olympic athletes and members of the press.

In London, there were 150,000 condoms available in the Olympic Village. Sochi was dubbed the “Tinder Olympics” because of widespread use of the hook-up app. And in Brazil this month, there are 450,000 condoms for the 11,000 athletes, press, and support staff.

Now, I’m all for protective measures, and it’s great that the Olympic committee provides such ample safeguards. Rather, I’m amazed that athletes are so sexually driven in the midst of competition that they need such an abundance of condoms.

The Olympics lasts about 2 weeks, and there are 41 condoms per person in Olympic Village (that’s on average–there isn’t a person-by-person allotment). Even during any normal 2 weeks, that’s a lot of sex. I’m not judging; rather, I’m just dubious that athletes are spending that much time in the bedroom.

But this is during a competition when each athlete is completely focused on their Olympic dream. I’ve never been involved in any competition close to that level, but I know when I’m preparing for a sporting event or relaxing after an intense competition, I’m feeling anything but sexual. My body is completely focused on athletic performance during that time, not gettin’ it on.

What do you think? Are 450,000 condoms being used at the Olympics?

4 thoughts on “Olympic Athletes and Condoms”

  1. Umm… I think there was this one time that they ran out of condoms for the Winter Olympics and they had to have an urgent delivery. Hot bodies just want to… Well, you know. And I don’t think it’s just athletes with other athletes and not just in their bedrooms.

    Here’s an article about that increasing number of condoms they need to supply for the Olympics.

  2. The other thing to remember is that for many of the athletes they go down and spend the whole two weeks down there, but many events are finished and they relax after spending 4 years training rigorously. Idle hands and everything. Parties are happening every night. In Sochi they apparently had an STD outbreak as well.


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