The Hook Reunion

It feels like just yesterday that I confessed my love for the movie “Hook,” but apparently it was nearly 3 years ago.

Today the movie came to mind because apparently it was the 25th anniversary of the film, and the cast got back together. They look just a little different:


Photo: 22 Vision
Photo: 22 Vision

The article where I read about it (warning: a sidebar video will start playing if you click this link) mentions a few things I thought were interesting:

  • The reunion was somewhat bittersweet because it was also the 2nd anniversary of Robin Williams’ death. The crew had some really nice things to say about him, including this line: “It was like his mission to make sure everyone around him is happy and laughing all the time.” That’s a great way to live.
  • The reunion happened not because of Spielberg or the company that originally released Hook, but instead due to the efforts of a production company that specializes in case reunions. That’s fascinating to me. How does one make money off of cast reunions? Did people pay to attend?
  • A few of the cast members have continued working in film and entertainment, though it appears that Hook may have been the biggest movie for any of them.

For which movie would you like to see/attend a cast reunion?

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  1. Hook might have been his biggest movie, but Dante Basco (Rufio) was an intgral part of Avatar: the Last Airbender as Prince Zuko.


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