Do Some Vets Accept Human Patients?

img_5584One of my favorite Seinfeld subplots is when Kramer takes a dog to the vet to diagnose and treat his own cough. If you haven’t seen it, treat yourself to these 2 and a half minutes.

Today was Walter’s annual checkup. He’s fine–much healthier than Biddy–though he was pretty stressed to be at the vet.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why can’t I get a checkup now too? I’m already here. There’s a doctor right in front of me. Can’t we just take care of everything all in one trip?

Then this evening I happened to stumble upon an article indicating that a startling number of Americans are taking their vet’s medicine for themselves. Now, I wouldn’t go that far, especially if the medicine isn’t prescribed to me.

Does anyone know how big of a gap in understanding there is between a veterinarian and a human doctor? I figure there can’t be too big of a difference, but both vets and doctors spend a lot of time in school, so I don’t want to underestimate the additional time required to cross over.