Do You Ever Crave Very Specific Foods?

At 11:18 am this morning, I was hit with an intense craving for crispy fried chicken on a biscuit with pickles and some kind of cheese or sauce.

I displayed a little bit of discipline. By that I mean I didn’t immediately run out of the house to grab the nearest chicken and fry it. That would have been silly–I wasn’t even wearing pants yet.

By 11:20, the decision was made: I was going to satiate my craving. So I texted a friend to join me, and I turned to my FLFB (friendly local food blog), Whiskey & Soba, for a recommendation.

At 12:15, we found ourselves at Byrd & Barrel, a hipsterific fried chicken restaurant on Jefferson. They didn’t actually have fried chicken on a biscuit, but they had a po’ boy sandwich, and they had a biscuit, so I ordered both, among other things:


Everything was really good. The highlight for me were the chicken nugs (adult chicken nuggets). The spice on the chicken was really good, and the peppadew aoili was awesome. It definitely hit the spot and satisfied my craving.


If you ever do this, what was the last time you addressed a craving right away?

6 thoughts on “Do You Ever Crave Very Specific Foods?”

  1. I think the food I randomly crave the most often is probably the Khao Soi from Fork & Stix, and the craving usually happens on a Monday (the one day of the week they are closed).
    I was curious what W&S had to say (if anything) about my favorite Thai place in St. Louis and I was not disappointed with their review (which also includes a few recommendations of places I’m going to need to eat at soon):

  2. The food I randomly crave is potato chips with chamoy sauce on top and sliced cucumbers with chamoy on top. You will have to google “chamoy” , but it is a vinegar and chili powder based liquid sauce that tends to go on top many mexican treats.


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