How Do Celebrity Photos End Up on the Wall?

Last week I was waiting for the chiropractor to arrive when I noticed that the walls were jam-packed with photos of celebrities. Most of the photos were autographed headshots.

I’ve seen walls like this before, mostly in bars, restaurants, and doctor’s offices. But it had never before occurred to me to ask the question: How do these photos get there?

Do celebrities just carry around signed photos of themselves to hang in every establishment they visit? Or are they all from repeat visits, and the owner/doctor requests the headshot once they feel like they know the celebrity?


6 thoughts on “How Do Celebrity Photos End Up on the Wall?”

  1. I think we’re missing the bigger question behind this question. Now that you are an internationally recognized owner of a multi-million dollar company, should you start carrying around signed head shots and offering to put them on people’s walls?

  2. My employer has a building on our campus that’s New York City themed. There’s a NY style deli in the basement (best reuben in town). Anyway, when they built the cafe, they put a bunch of pictures of celebrities on the wall behind the counter (Frank Sinatra, Sammy davis, etc…) to lend the place a more authentic NYC deli feel.


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