Pet Please #131: Foods with Few Ingredients

img_5591Yesterday I had a typical trip to Trader Joe’s: I walked in needing 4 things, and I walked out with 30 different things, half of them chocolate.

As I entered the checkout line, something caught my eye: A bag of something called “Dark Chocolate Honey Mints.”

Yes…yessss, I thought. Put them in my belly.

As I reached for the bag, my practical side came to my aid. What are you doing? You already have 10 treatsies in your cart! Enough is enough.

You’re right, you’re right, said my Gollum side (all of this was said out loud while staring in a puddle of Trader Joe’s natural spring water, by the way). But before you go, maybe you should read the other words on the bag.

That’s when I saw it. Right below the name, these magical words: “Just three ingredients.”

You know how this story ends.

I’m a sucker for foods with few ingredients. There’s something pure about them in a world of preservatives and additives. I don’t know if they’re actually any better for you, but I can’t resist them. It’s one of the reasons I love Billy Goat chips.

Gollum Jamey won this one. It was worth it, of course. Chocolate honey mints are delicious.

Do you love foods with few ingredients?