Singing in My Sleep

white-bearIt’s time again for the most awkward of my blog posts: The ones where I share sound clips of me talking–and now singing–in my sleep.

That’s right, I’m still using the Sleep Talk app on a nightly basis. It is one of my favorite things.

I went a few months saying very little (plenty of snoring, burping, sneezing, and farting, though. Yes, I’m single), but lately I’ve been saying quite a bit. Here are the clips, along with my best guess as to what I’m saying:

Finally, I want to prepare you a little bit for the following, because it’s weird. It really sounds like I’m trying to harmonize to a song. It is NOT–I assure you–a sexual act that was accidentally recorded. Really.

Sleep Talk records in 8-second bursts, hence why the following is broken into shorter segments:

It’s not pretty, but it’s better than my singing voice when I’m awake. I’m taking requests for tonight’s song–maybe that dwarven song from The Hobbit?

Have you said anything in your sleep recently?

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