Why Would You Ever Drop the Football?

I get excited about football season, both college and professional. As I’ve discussed before, I don’t mind seeing athletes celebrate when they score. It’s a joyful moment–why shouldn’t they share their enthusiasm in creative ways?

But I continue to be baffled by football players who drop the football (uncontested) before they reach the end zone as they begin their celebration. This happened not once, but twice on Saturday:


credit ESPN for the screenshot

I understand that in the moment they get carried away and want to start celebrating. But holding the football is one of the best parts of playing football. Even just intuitively, if given a choice, why would you stop holding it? There’s no reason to drop the football until the referee tells you to give it to them.

This seems like a coachable skill. Train players never to let go of the football until they absolutely have to.

What do you think? Can football players be coached not to make a mental error like this?