Have You Ever Crashed a Wedding?

I did something for the first time on Sunday: I crashed a wedding.

Of course, I’m not a thrill-seeker, so “crash” is a very loose term. I’ll explain.

Two friends in my gaming group, Alex and Chris, announced a few months ago that they were getting married. They just wanted something simple, so they decided to have a short ceremony with a justice of peace, followed by a dim sum brunch with family.

Note that I didn’t say “friends and family.” They wanted to keep it really small.

That’s when a few of us (most of the credit goes to Katy) decided that we would show up at the same restaurant on the day of the wedding.

So we did. We reserved a small table that turned out to be about 30 feet away from the bridal party. We thought about sending over some food or drinks, but we didn’t want to confuse any of the many servers who kept stopping by to give us dim sum.

Eventually, due to some texts sent to the groom’s sister (who we also know), they realized we were here, and they came over to say hi. I wasn’t sure how they’d react to us being there–I thought maybe they’d laugh at the “coincidence.”

But it actually seemed like they were touched that we went out of our way to show up on their special day. So our little joke turned out to be a nice memory.

Next up: We crash their honeymoon in Europe!


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