Pet Please #133: The Grocery Cart

Today I’m going to write about something I never thought I’d devote an entire blog entry to: The best grocery cart I’ve ever used.

I went to Schnuck’s (a St. Louis chain of grocery stores) to find that they’d replaced all of the old metal grocery cards with these new plastic ones. Anything new is fun, of course, but I was surprised to discover just how big of an upgrade these carts are. Some serious product design went into these carts.

Here’s what makes them so great:

  1. It has three shelves. Three shelves = room for more stuff, especially on the smaller carts that I prefer. The key is that they made the top shelf much shallower. I think someone realized that a really deep shelf isn’t necessary–people would rather have more shelves than stack stuff on top of other stuff.
  2. The middle shelf is accessible from the back of the cart. How brilliant is this?! The standard metal carts required you to squeeze stuff into the bottom shelf from the front, but I can now pick up a new bottle of juice and place it into the back of the cart in a single motion. It’s amazing.
  3. They’re silent. I never really noticed just how much noise metal grocery carts make until now. The difference was huge–instead of the constant rattle, the grocery store was peaceful and serene.
  4. It holds your cell phone. If you look at the photo below, you can see a small, shallow shelf where my phone would have been if I weren’t taking a photo of the cart. I keep my grocery list on my phone, so I can now read the list as I’m walking around without having to stop.
  5. It has built-in drink holders and bag hooks. I honestly think they should start selling drinks right at the entrance to the store. Now that the carts have drink holders, I’d love the occasionally luxury of sipping on something delicious while I shop.
  6. They can turn on a dime. It’s probably just because they’re new, but the lightness of the carts doesn’t hurt their ability to swivel with precision.

Did Schnuck’s need to replace their grocery carts? Not at all. But I was kind of amazed at how delighted I was to be shopping with the new cart, and my happiness probably had an impact on how much I spent. I’m literally excited to go grocery shopping just so I can use the cart again. Good move, Schnuck’s.