Two Things to Make You Smile Today

I saw two things this weekend that really made me smile and laugh, so I wanted to share them with you.

The first is a video a father made of his 5-year-old daughter on a homemade American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Not only does the kid do a great job on the course, but there are several adorable segments where the camera pans to her fans–you can’t miss them right at the 31-second mark (and later too).

The second is something that started in the comments on last week’s blog entry, “Why Do Actors Have to Wear Makeup?” My friend Jasmin mentions in the comments that she took a theater makeup class in college that including giving herself a beard.

Fortunately, Jasmin kept a photo of this beard. She posted it on her fledgling blog and gave me permission to share it here. I promise this is Jasmin with an actual beard applied to her face, not some Photoshopped hair. She’s the one on the left:


What’s something that made you smile or laugh this weekend?