Would You Live in an IKEA House for Free?

eclectic-living-roomWhat if I told you that you could live rent free for 2 years in a tastefully designed home filled with modern furniture?

You’d probably ask if there were a catch. And there is.

In return for this opportunity, you would need to offer frequent feedback about the furnishings. You would also need to participate in photoshoots and presentations about the house.

So, basically, market research. Though without any cameras or monitoring devices.

Also, you’d need to speak Japanese. Because the home in question is owned by Muji, which is kind of like the IKEA of Japan. I thought IKEA might help you put the question in context because, well, who hasn’t settled down in one of IKEA’s furnished rooms and considered staying there for a while?

For some reason I like the idea of companies exchanging rent for data. It’s something I’ve occasionally toyed around with for Stonemaier Games: Would it be worth the expense to have people at the ready to playtest at any time? Perhaps.

What do you think about Muji’s idea? Maybe picture it this way: What if IKEA came to you and said, “For the next 2 years, we’re going to move a bunch of furniture in and out of your house every few months. We’ll pay your rent, and all we ask in return is that you give us feedback on that furniture. Would you do it?