You Decide: Which Bucket-List Item Should I Do Next?

pitbull-with-walmart-kodiak-teamI’m a few years behind on this news, but while watching Last Week Tonight today, I heard that rapper Pitbull once ran an online poll to let fans decide where he would go next. The result?

Pitbull performed at the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska.

(To his credit, not only did he travel from Miami to Kodiak for the concert, but he also said, “I heard that Kodiak, Alaska, has the most likes due to someone that thinks he was playing a prank … but you’ve got to understand, I will go anywhere in the world for my fans.”

So I thought it might be fun to let people choose something similar for me: My next bucket-list item.

Here are the things I’ve already checked off my bucket list (feel free to judge as you wish!):

  • run my own company
  • finish writing a novel
  • eat at one of my favorite Top Chef contestant’s restaurants
  • skinny dip
  • sleep in a castle
  • eat sushi off a naked lady
  • produce a board game

Which one should I do next? I won’t say the results are binding, but it honestly will give me some focus. Here’s the poll:

12 Responses to “You Decide: Which Bucket-List Item Should I Do Next?”

  1. Jason Hancock says:

    I vote swim with dolphins, cause it is one of the most amazing experiences.

  2. Thanks Jamey, this reminds me to stay focused on my own bucket list.

  3. Jamey,

    I do love sushi…but… : D


  4. David Kodeski says:

    I’ve eaten Neapolitan pizza in Naples – right on the Spaccanapoli. Amazing city. Chaotic and gorgeous. (just be sure you’re headed to Italy – not Florida!)

  5. frankhamrick says:

    I voted Cinque Terre because it’s on my bucket list! πŸ™‚ Last summer, on vacation, our family worked a 2000 piece puzzle of one of the towns in Cinque Terre. It led to a study of the area, a Google Maps look at the hiking and road trails through the area, and immediately became a dream for my wife and I to hike along those hills and through those amazing villages. SO… I think it should definitely be your next bucket list item.

  6. Jamey Stegmaier says:

    I’m elated that so many people have responded to this poll! I thought it was going to be like 3 people. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your comments too.

  7. Dionne says:

    I voted for eating Neapolitan pizza in Naples, because I have always wanted to go to Italy so I just want to live vicariously through you….or, perhaps, if you do go you can take a travel companion. Just saying….

  8. Katy says:

    I voted for the trip to Cinque Terre, because that’s also something on my bucket list (and maybe I can live vicariously through you if you travel there). Since both Cinque Terre and Naples are in Italy, it wouldn’t be impossible to check 2 items off your list on the same trip… it looks like you can take a train ride from Naples to some of the cities in Cinque Terre. I second what Dionne said and would volunteer as a travel companion if you decide to visit those places and want a friendly face around. πŸ™‚

    • T-Mac says:

      I was thinking the same thing! If I had to choose, though, I’d go with Cinque Terra. It’s one of Laura’s favorite experiences, so it’s definitely on my bucket list as well.

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Katy and Dionne: You’re right, I’ve found I prefer to travel with company! I enjoyed my trip to Ireland a few years ago–the freedom was nice–but it just didn’t suit my introverted disposition.

  9. Sounds like a road trip! Or sounds like a pitch for your next contest: Who wants to travel with Jamey?

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