You Decide: Which Bucket-List Item Should I Do Next?

pitbull-with-walmart-kodiak-teamI’m a few years behind on this news, but while watching Last Week Tonight today, I heard that rapper Pitbull once ran an online poll to let fans decide where he would go next. The result?

Pitbull performed at the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska.

(To his credit, not only did he travel from Miami to Kodiak for the concert, but he also said, “I heard that Kodiak, Alaska, has the most likes due to someone that thinks he was playing a prank … but you’ve got to understand, I will go anywhere in the world for my fans.”

So I thought it might be fun to let people choose something similar for me: My next bucket-list item.

Here are the things I’ve already checked off my bucket list (feel free to judge as you wish!):

  • run my own company
  • finish writing a novel
  • eat at one of my favorite Top Chef contestant’s restaurants
  • skinny dip
  • sleep in a castle
  • eat sushi off a naked lady
  • produce a board game

Which one should I do next? I won’t say the results are binding, but it honestly will give me some focus. Here’s the poll: