My Greatest Fear #54: Laughing Out Loud During a Moment of Silence

wv1vflzHave you ever been in a situation where it randomly occurs to you that now would be the worst possible time to do something, and then, because you put the thought in your mind, you’re a little worried that your subconscious might take over and do the thing you definitely don’t want to do?

I was watching Saturday Night Live this weekend, and I marveled at how well the actors prevent themselves from breaking in the middle of the skits. Granted, some actors are better at this than others. But some seem simply impermeable. How do they do it? Are there sacrifices that come with that level of mental fortitude?

Laughing in the middle of an SNL skit would not be out of place, but doing so in the middle of a moment of silence (or any collective, public silence, like at church or in class) would be a nightmare! I’ve never done this, nor have I ever seen someone do it, but I wonder if anyone ever has that type of thought.

Whether it’s just me or others too, it’s definitely one of my greatest fears, and I hope it never happens!