Pet Please #134: Grown-Up Gestures Made by Little Kids

I love when kids act like miniature adults.

Last night I hosted a game night, and a friend attended with his wife and daughter, who is almost 3. She was adorable–very talkative and interactive, not shy at all in the presence of 8 adult strangers.

At one point I finished a game and heard that the little girl was playing a different game in the living room (a kids game that’s also fun for adults called Castle Knights). She and my friend were on the couch, and as I approached, I pulled up a chair to sit down.

Before I could, the little girl scooted over, patted the cushion next to her, and said, “You can sit right here.”

It’s the motion of her patting the cushion that really makes me smile. I guess it’s not necessarily a grow-up gesture, but it’s certainly a well informed one. It’s a physical representation of her words, and it offers a very specific invitation: to sit down right here.

Perhaps it’s just that I don’t spend much time around kids. Have you experienced these types of grown-up gestures from the kids in your life?