When Do You Eat the One Onion Ring?

jv6bkToday a question was posed online that stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink everything. Where I once had answers, I now only have questions. Where I once had words, I am lost in a sea of silence. Everything is a mystery now.

The question: When do you eat the one onion ring?

This refers to a situation where you order fries at a place like Burger King, and nestled among those fries is a single onion ring. If you’re like me, you enjoy onion rings in small doses, so it’s a nice surprise.

But when do you eat it? Before the fries, in the middle, or after you’ve consumed most/all of the fries?

This really stumped me. I’m not even kidding. I sat in silence for about 5 minutes as I thought about the optimal time to eat that onion ring. Every answer leaves me in doubt:

  • If I eat the lone onion ring first, it might make me begrudge all of the fries that follow for not being as awesome as the onion ring.
  • If I eat the it in the middle of the fries, it’s just going to get lost in a sea of potato mash.
  • If I eat it last, I might be too full to really appreciate the glory of the one true ring.

This leaves only a final, unacceptable answer: Don’t eat the onion ring at all. But that’s preposterous. Let’s be serious here.

My only answer is when I’ve eaten the onion ring in the past, which is first. It’s the first thing I eat. But what if that’s suboptimal? What if there’s a better way?

The only logical option is to test all three scenarios while receiving a CAT scan to monitor my brain’s reaction. It’ll be incredibly expensive, but I see no other way to know the answer.

Just in case, I’m hoping you have a solution for this question, because I’m at a loss. When do you eat the onion ring and why is it the best way?