Pet Peeve #64: When Something You Order Is Much Smaller Than What You Envisioned

Have you ever ordered something in a restaurant or online, only to discover that the thing you ordered was comically small compared to what you envisioned?

This happened to me twice recently.

The first time was at a local restaurant I was trying for the first time. Their brunch had received a rave review, and the menu featured a twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict: Instead of ham, it featured pork belly, one of my indulgences.

As I dug into it, I didn’t realize at first that it was lacking on the pork belly. Really, it wasn’t until I peeled the egg off the second half that I saw the pitifully small bit of pork belly included the English muffin.

The photo actually makes it look much bigger than it actually was, but I assure you, it was exactly one bite of pork belly:


The second instance came a few days later when I received a birthday present for my goddaughter. Her birthday was a few days ago, and at Thanksgiving I had asked what she wanted. She replied, “A cake!”

I figured she would have a real cake for her birthday, so I’d get her a plastic toy cake. Based on what I ordered, I truly expected something that was about the size of a small wedding cake.

Much to my surprise, the cake was tiny. So tiny that I didn’t even see it in the Amazon box when I first opened it. Here’s the box next to a standard reference cat:


I’m sure there are far better examples than these. What’s your story of something you ordered that ended up being comically smaller than you envisioned?