Pet Please #136: Warm Spots Where Your Pets Were Sitting

img_5784My two cats, Biddy and Walter, have very different lounging habits. Biddy rarely sits in one spot for longer than an hour or two, and he’s either near me or near his food bowl (just in case food appears in it).

Walter, however, can sit in the same spot (typically on the cough, on a chair, or on/under the bed) for hours. Like, 6-8 hours, sometimes even longer.

I like seeing that my boys are comfortable, but for some reason, I really like feeling how warm their spot is after they get up. I don’t think it’s too weird–I just touch the cushion or bedspread for a moment. I’m not sure why, but the residual body heat makes me happy.

Walter in particular generates an incredible amount of heat–the spots he leaves are actually hot to the touch for a few minutes afterwards. Maybe it’s the long hair?

Do you ever do this with your pets (or human dependents)?

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