Who Doesn’t Choose the Booth?

restaurant-booths-and-tablesA few nights ago, I went out to a restaurant for ramen. When the host greeted us, he asked, “Would you like a booth?”

It’s a fair question, but I realized as he asked it that I don’t think there’s any situation with 2-4 people when I wouldn’t choose a booth. Does anyone ever say no to the booth?

A booth is like a restaurant’s way of giving you a hug while you eat. It’s an experience you can’t get when eating at home. There’s a sense of intimacy in a booth–it focuses your attention on the people closest to you. You have someplace to put your coat. And the padded bench and back of a booth feel great.

There’s no doubt in my mind that a booth is superior in every way to a table, particularly for 2-4 people.

Yet hosts and hostesses always ask this question, so at some point in history, someone must have asked for a regular table over a booth. Who was that person? Was it you? Tell me the truth.

Who doesn’t choose the booth if it’s available?

UPDATE: Someone pointed out on Twitter that larger people may not be able to fit into the booth, which I should have thought of.