What Is a Reasonable Price to Pay for Underwear?

I recently saw a commercial for a company called the Duluth Trading Co, which makes what they call “buck naked underwear.” The prospect of a pair of boxer briefs that “feels like wearing nothing at all” intrigued me, so I checked out their website.

There I found that the price of the boxer briefs is $22.50.

Now, I have no doubt that this is a fair price. They’re offering a premium product at a premium price.

But I’m used to buying a 3-pack of boxer briefs for $15 on Amazon. So the prospect of spending more than that on a single pair is a tough sell for me.

Should it be, though? Perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way, similar to my entry a few months ago about spoons. Underwear is something we wear every day (well, most of us). Over time, is it worth the additional cost?

I have two options:

  1. Continue to buy cheap boxer briefs for about $5 each. They’re not uncomfortable, but they’re not revolutionary either. They tend to wear out every 2 years or so, requiring me to buy new pairs.
  2. Buy nicer boxer briefs for $20+ each. I do have one such pair, an Under Armor version I got about 8 years ago. They’re in fantastic shape, and they’re super comfortable.

When I look at it that way, the math seems to point towards the nicer boxer briefs.

What’s your approach? What do you consider to be a reasonable price for underwear?

12 thoughts on “What Is a Reasonable Price to Pay for Underwear?”

  1. While the less expensive multi-packs sound like a better deal, I tend to buy the more expensive option, especially if it’s a brand that I know will last longer or be more comfortable than the cheaper version.
    Since underwear is something worn everyday and in direct contact with my skin, I think the splurge on a fabric that feels great on your skin is worth spending a little extra.
    I think one of my favorite catchphrases from Parks & Recreation sums up what I’m trying to say “treat yo’ self! “

    • I wholeheartedly agree and think this gets bonus points for the excellent Parks and Rec reference. I find it’s helpful to let go of the ideas of what I think things should cost, as they are arguably arbitrary and based on a specific cultural/class upbringing that may or may not be rational or right for my current lifestyle 🙂

  2. I don’t know what a reasonable price but I do know what the RIGHT price is. That price is exactly $20.00, for the ExOfficio GIVE-N-GO LOW RISE FLYLESS BRIEF. I own 5 pairs, and you will never catch me not wearing this pair of underwear. Here’s their description “17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of award-winning underwear.” doesn’t get better than that. – https://www.exofficio.com/products/details/mens-give-n-go-flyless-low-rise-sport-brief

  3. If you work out the cost per wear (assuming one wear per week), both pairs come out at $0.04 (although the more expensive pair is still going, so it will get cheaper still). But either way you’re getting good value.

  4. I’m with T-mac. Just go commando. No headaches on which underwear to buy and your money can go to Biddy and Walter’s education.

  5. I’m with John. Ex-Officio and never look back. I prefer the Give-N-Go boxer briefs. I got a couple pairs to try out and immediately ordered another 5-6 pairs. That was 5 years ago. I’m still wearing them and they are in perfect condition. I held on to a couple cheap pairs just in case I ran out of clean fancy ones. One day I did run out and had to wear the old cheap ones. That night I threw away all remnants of the old underwear and ordered an additional 5 pairs just in case. I plan to wear these until I’m dead or they quit making them. If they quit making them I’ll probably have to order another 5 pairs (since that’ll probably last the rest of my life).

    They are arguably the best underwear ever made. If you buy one pair to try you will be converted. I’ve bought a pair as a gift for friends and family members since they refused to pay that much for underwear. They’ve since completely switched over on their own dime.

    $25+ for a pair of underwear is bat-**** crazy expensive. That being said, it’s the best upgrade you can make to your life. Your phone, car, haircut, house, furniture, job, etc. get nowhere near the same amount of use as your underwear nor do they have as much constant impact on you. It’s worth it. Quit cheaping out.

    If you keep an eye on amazon or steepandcheap they go for as little as $13/pair fairly often.

  6. Jamey,

    I shared this story with my daughter and we both found it quite humorous that most of the respondents are female. My daughter’s comment, “$15 for a three-pack doesn’t exist for us!” Maybe, we should consider ourselves lucky.



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