Put a Waffle on It

I’ve theorized on this blog that The Rock makes every movie better. I’m starting to think that waffles have the same impact on food.

I grew up in the south (Virginia), but for some reason I wasn’t exposed to chicken and waffles until a few years ago. I’ve been hooked every since. It may sound like an odd combination if you’ve never tried it, but a gooey, semi-sweet waffle combined with crisp-fried piece of chicken is so good. My favorite in St. Louis is at Cicero’s.

But today I discovered that another classic dish is improved by waffles: ice cream.

Thanks to an alert foodie friend, I learned that a tiny restaurant called Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream recently opened in St. Louis. They serve one dish: a waffle ice cream sandwich.

Sink your teeth into this idea: A freshly made waffle is place on a plate. You then choose up to 4 different flavors of ice cream (4 scoops). Then another waffle is placed on top, and it’s cut into sections. You pick up each section like a sandwich and eat it.

It’s so, so good. It tastes like how a waffle cone smells.

In case you have the chance to try this amazing dessert, I recommend finding a way to combine the flavors of black cherry, spumoni, and chocolate. It’s superb.

How does this photo make you feel?


4 Responses to “Put a Waffle on It”

  1. Arsh says:

    Waffle ice cream sandwiches are stupidly good.

  2. Grilled cheese sandwich made with waffles (and a slice of ham if that’s your thing).

  3. Waffles Benny is my favourite waffle dish, but I’d be more than willing to try a waffle ice cream sandwich!

  4. Philip Redhead says:

    How does it make me feel? Hungry! (mental note – don’t read a delicious Jamie food blog prior to eating… )

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