The Doctor Spa

Today I paid $75 to wait 1 hour to see a doctor for 2 minutes. There must be a better way (at least, for some things), and I have an idea of what it could be.

For the last few days, I’ve had an echo in my head due to a piece of earwax that got lodged deep in my ear. It’s happened before–it’s something about my left ear’s inner curvature.

The only way I know to fix it is to have an ENT doctor scrape it out. Oddly enough, it feels pretty awesome. It’s also super fast, which made it all the more disappointing today when I was kept waiting for so long.

As the receptionist told me, “You know how doctors are–they run behind.” This was weird to hear from her, because it’s literally her job to schedule appointments in such a way that patients don’t have to sit there for an hour, even when unexpected things happen.

Anyway, as I sat there stewing, I realized there must be a better way. And it came to me: A doctor spa.

I’ve never been to a spa, but I’m pretty sure they don’t make you wait for an hour. If there’s any wait time, you probably spend it in a sauna or in a mud bath. Even waiting in a spa makes you feel more refreshed.

Here’s the doctor part: There are certain things we go to the doctor for not because they’re necessary for our health, but because they make us feel clean. Not a lot of things–many of the reasons we go to the doctor are to prevent or fix something important. But sometimes we feel fine, and we just want to feel great.

Notice the similarity to spas?

That’s the case with the earwax cleaning. It’s not essential, but it feels fantastic. I’m sure it took some important doctor training to learn how to do it without puncturing an ear drum, but I’m confident other people could learn that specific task–and others like it–with proper training.

I’d gladly spend my $75 on a doctor spa. Would you?