If It Became Commonplace, Which Part of Your Body Would You Enhance with Cybernetics?

Pretend for a moment that we’re in the future. A future when getting some sort of cybernetic implant or enhancement is just as common as having earrings, tattoos, Fitbits, or jewelry. If you could only afford one piece of tech, which would it be?

I have no idea how it came up in conversation, but I posed this question to a friend the other day, and here are a few options we came up with:

  • Enhanced vision (night vision, augmented reality, digital zoom, record video and take photos, etc)
  • Augmented strength
  • Increased speed or jumping ability

As I write this, I’m kind of amazed by how incredible our bodies already are. The human hand is a marvel of engineering. The sense of balance provided by our feet, knees, and inner ear is awesome. Our mouths are able to talk and eat–how cool is that?!

I think I would have to go with the vision upgrades. I’m fortunate to have 20/20 vision, but there are so many interesting enhancements to vision that I can’t resist.

What about you?

8 thoughts on “If It Became Commonplace, Which Part of Your Body Would You Enhance with Cybernetics?”

  1. I think Ghost In The Shell should be an assigned movie for this topic.
    Also, don’t know if this rains on your parade or makes itore awesome, but I belive sexual enhancement would make a bare minimum of 10% (25% for Japan) of the market maybe even beating athletic enhancements

  2. As someone trying to lose weight, most likely my digestive system. Assuming it would allow you to still get all the nutrients/etc that you needed, and expel anything not needed, instead of having to focus so much on what you eat. Bonus points if it then fuels any other cybernetics like augmented strength/speed.

  3. Hmm, I think I would go with memory storage. I would like an enhancement that could backup my memories, ala Pandora’s Star, so that if there is ever technology in the future to create new bodies that can import the memories I could continue to see what the future would bring.

  4. While it isn’t technically a body enhancement, my desire would be for language. Being able to speak fluently with anyone, anywhere in the world would be great. I’ve traveled the world, speak three languages, a smattering of a fourth, and wish I could talk to EVERYONE.

    I also believe that language shapes our thoughts and worldview. By learning languages from other parts of the world, I’d gain insights into the way and the why of people’s thought processes.


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