Is There Any Reason Not to Wear Deodorant?

Ever since I hit puberty (just a few years ago), I’ve applied deodorant every day. I think I used the Secret brand when I was young–that’s what Mom bought for us–and as an adult I switched over to All Spice Pure Sport.

Really, I’ve never questioned the idea of wearing deodorant. It’s deeply embedded in my head as a necessity, and it’s part of my daily routine. I use it without even thinking about it after my daily morning shower.

But a few things occurred to me recently, mostly due to the fact that I work from home:

  • It’s common for me to go an entire day without seeing another human being.
  • I rarely sweat, even when I’m active.
  • Most days, I’m not particularly active–I sit or stand at my desk for 14+ hours.

Given those factors, why do I wear deodorant on days when I don’t interact with other people? Is there a medical reason for it? Because if the only reason is to mask body odor for the benefit of others, why use it when I’m going to be alone all day?

To take it one step further, is it possible that it’s actually better for me to not wear deodorant on those days? Something about fewer chemicals being absorbed into my body?

I doubt I’ll stop using deodorant on days when I’m alone. It’s part of my routine, I like the smell, and there’s always the chance of interacting with someone even on days when I don’t expect it. But I’m curious if it’s something I should question.